Ninja Blender Review and recipes

ninja blender recipesFor Christmas my husband bought me a new kitchen toy, im not sure what he is hinting?! But anyways he bought me the Ninja 1100 blender, i had never used a a blender before.

With the blender he had bought me a ninja blender recipe book, inside the book there is over 250 recipes. I have posted some of the recipes on this site one of my favourites is the tomato soup recipe.

I have to say the blender is a very good blender i have managed to make soups, smoothies, ice cream and dips with so much ease. The blender blends foods within seconds not minutes. It is very easy to clean which is a must for me. When things are hard to clean i wont use them, knowing the fact i will have to clean them,.

So all in all i highly recommend this food processor, it has cut many tasks in the kitchen by a 2/3’s. If you would like some more ninja blender recipes make sure to check out my main site.


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